Monday, April 14, 2008


When CASSETTE-BASED WALKMAN was still the "FAVORITE MUSIC GADGET" and CD's were not yet easily afforded by people, I was lucky that I was able to own before a CASSETTE TAPE of a VISAYAN SINGER noticeable of his NATURAL yet UNIQUE VOICE, catchy TUNE and LYRICS, and more importantly - VERY PINOY MUSIC.

He is very famous for his CHINESE CROSSOVER COMPOSITION of the SONG "BUTSIKEK" but he proved that MUSIC is neither about the "STAR QUALITY" nor looks ala SAM MLBY but MUSIC is about PURE TALENT from a GENIUS MAN, CREATIVITY, and appeal to the LISTENERS.

Of course you know that I'm talking about The GREATEST FILIPINO Novelty Singer Of ALL TIME Mr. YOYOY VILLAME.

Not much is said about his untimely demise last May, 2007 but sure that many Filipino's around the globe would surely remember his voice and of course his contribution to the music industry. His songs are simply unique, educational and mastefully crafted.

Thanks to YOUTUBE that we can now listen to some of his all-time hits like "MAGELLAN", "PHILIPPINE GEOGRAPHY" and "GRANADA".

Before, I have to rewind over and over again in my WALKMAN my personal favorite song of YOYOY which is "HAYOP NA COMBO" but now, it's available in the internet.

It's just so nostalgic to hear some of his greatest hits which made him a KING of PINOY NOVELTY MUSIC.

Nobody can take the place of where YOYOY VILLAME sits right now. He is a real visayan, pinoy and MUSIC GENIUS.

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