Thursday, July 10, 2008

Of PBA Brawl, Sonny Barrios and deporting an IMPORT...

I was actually anticipating the game yesterday between PUREFOODS and TALK N' TEXT until halfway in the THIRD QUARTER, I decided to shut off my TV. By that time, Talk N' Text was already leading by 18 Points in a very "boring game". And so I missed the main course of the evening.

A brawl happened last night involving Jondan Salvador, James Yap, Enrico Villanueva and Rob Sanz from the PUREFOODS against TNT's import Terrence Leather.

I'm a big Purefoods fan since "The Alvin Patrimonio" days. Watching this video sucks. It was ugly considering that TNT was already leading by 16 with 9 minutes to go in the final canto and still this kind of altercation would happen.

But come on, the whole thing was caused by the import. It was all Leather's fault - and the PBA. That IMPORT should be DEPORTED by NOW.

Here are my reasons why TERRENCE LEATHER SUCKS:

1. Jondan Salvador was making a post move against Terrence Leather. It is done to create space to get near the basket. The referee has the authority to monitor/check if the move would cause the OFFENSIVE PLAYER to CREATE a CHARGING FOUL or if the DEFENSIVE PLAYER would react and commit a DEFENSIVE FOUL.

In the video, the refeeree called it a "Defensive Blocking foul" against Leather.

Leather did not like the post move made by Salvador - and the referee's call. But the call made by the official was actually too late. They should have called the defensive foul right after the first bump. It was too obvious that the import's reaction was to block SALVADOR.

... and so after that call, the ugly thing happened... all INVOLVING LEATHER...

2. Since Terrence Leather replaced Aaron McGhee as import, Talk n' Text has always been in the news involving on and off court brawls. The "altercation" that happened last night was actually the THIRD altercation he's involved.

First, an off court collision involving him and HOMER SE during the Air21 and Talk n' Text eliminations game.

Second, he was again caught in a near fight against Ginebra's pair of Chris Alexander and Alex Crisano.

Third of course was the game last night.

Why is it that the PBA has been allowing all of this to happen? Everything went ugly since Renauld Barrios came into the league as commissioner.

They adopted the FIBA rules to include more physicality during games and look at the result. More FIGHTS, Brawls. The PBA has been turning into a Ghetto. Players were becoming Punks. It's all because of the obsolete Barrios.

Barrios has made controversial decisions inthe PBA since he was incepted as temporary commissioner.

Have you seen what happened during the Philippine Cup finals between Purefoods and Sta. Lucia when Barrios suspended James Yap for Game 5 of the Finals? When in fact, the league has not yet drafted a new league rules involving suspensions that is why they should be following the RULES drafted by Ex-com NOLI EALA wherein you cannot suspend a player in the FINALS rather make him pay for that in the next conference.

The PBA is getting ugly. They were imitating the NBA. Barrios is imitating DAVID STERN. ugh.

And for you readers, here's the next thing to happen in the PBA:

RPN9 will be the new home of the PBA in the next Philippine Cup. PBA will now be shown under Basketball Tv and C/S. RPN won the bidding against ABS-CBN's Studio 23.

My Personal Opinion:

Studio 23 actually backed out of the bidding because the PBA Board was actually biased to the whole bidding process. In fact, ABC5 did the same move of backing out.

BTV and C/S is not shown on FREE TV. Not all islands and cable providers in the Philippines have access to BTV and C/S. In fact, SKYCABLE doesn't have BASKETBAL TV on its channel. This would mean that the PBA would not be broadcasted in those too far provinces that doesn't have BTV and C/S in their reception.

This is just a stupid move.

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